Quality, Innovation and Service

Management & Development Programme® (QM)

Marceti’s comprehensive program (Quality-Innovation-Service Management & Development Program) offers an integrated project approach combining Managerial with Design and Technical expertise characterized by detail-diligence, proactive process management with constant focus on customer oriented service while adding value to the asset regardless of its size and nature. Moreover, it aims to provide quality assurance, time and information management and innovation development.

The programme is applied to all members and partners of our firm ensuring the quality standards set by the management and it has the target to constantly raise the bar of quality, design and service, thus setting Marceti in a pioneer position.

The programme includes but it´s not limited to the following processes:

  • Design process
  • Construction Processes
  • Technicians’ Construction Process
  • Customer and stakeholder Service Process

Besides the procedures´ contribution to the quality assurance, there are meticulously designed for collection of information and problems on the job, analysis and evaluation for solution and enrichment of knowledge and innovation development.