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Marceti by employing a meticulously analysis on the construction types with the combination of its membersĀ“ knowledge and experience, it analysed the different construction types including the old and conservative construction methods and other alternative types of construction. It has identified the problems of these construction types and therefore, it has concluded to offer a solution by employing a modern and smart construction type such as the steel frame construction.

With the advantages of the steel frame construction such as design flexibility, durability, earthquake stability, low maintenance need, high thermal insulation, and the use of our Quality, Innovation and Service Development & Management Programme we have managed to use to the maximum the advantages of this modern construction type and to develop our unique construction methods and procedures, raising constantly the bar of quality and reliability.

We are analysing the different construction products and by employing our QIS Development & Management Programme, we capitalise on our constant knowledge creation, experience, innovative solutions through the programmes ongoing research, and implementation of quality assurance methods, thus we are able to offer outstanding results and service.