About us


Marceti is a boutique construction management and implementation firm which gathers a team of experts and visualizers consisting of project managers and quality certified experts, architects, civil engineers, constructors, and technicians of local and international background blending their knowledge and experience.

At Marceti, we introduce a meticulously planned project of construction, offering quality assurance to our clients combined with smart and sophisticated design, which impacts the future value of the house thus, we do not just building houses but adding value to the asset.

With our team´s diverse and combined knowledge and experience we offer a comprehensive solution from design, construction to after sale support.

  • Design solutions

  • Construction

  • Renovation

  • Interior Design

With prudent management we are setting the benchmark in efficient high quality production, whilst maintaining our fundamental principles of passion, excellence and integrity.


Marceti applies a wholistic approach by considering, managing and monitoring all the aspects of a property construction by utilising Quality Assurance Programme, and knowledge, and therefore offering to clients one point of contact and control for a carefree and reliable construction process experience.

Marceti is a driving force of change in the construction industry. It´s the only firm offering Quality, Innovation, and Service Μanagement Assurance Programme in all the stages of our work. Marceti stages exceptional experiences in different aspects of your home construction and living– from design, construction, delivery and after sale – by banishing thoughtless patterns and being Innovative to create new and simple ones, and providing constant Quality and Service development and assurance, turning a construction property experience to an outstanding service experience and enriching quality of life to the home residences while is adding value to the property for future benefit of the owners.

Quality, Innovation and Service – Management & Development Programme®(QIS)

Marceti’s comprehensive program (Quality-Innovation-Service Management & Development Program) offers an integrated project approach combining Managerial with Design and Technical expertise characterized by detail-diligence, proactive process management with constant focus on customer oriented service while adding value to the asset regardless of its size and nature. Moreover, it aims to provide quality assurance, time and information management and innovation development.

The programme is applied to all members and partners of our firm ensuring the quality standards set by the management and it has the target to constantly raise the bar of quality, design and service, thus setting Marceti in a pioneer position.

The programme includes but it´s not limited to the following processes:

  • Design process
  • Construction processes
  • Technicians’ Construction Process
  • Customer and Stakeholder Service Process

Besides the procedures´ contribution to the quality assurance, there are meticulously designed for collection of information and problems on the job, analysis and evaluation for solution and enrichment of knowledge and innovation development.


At Marceti, with our Quality Innovation and Service Management & Development Programme, we can achieve high standards by being more efficient on our procedures, implementing synergies, and thus by saving time we are able to offer personalised service to our clients and offer more with less cost.

Our customers are briefed on and receive information on the process of the project, explaining the different stages and presenting each material where and why is used contributing to their understanding of their property structure. We are providing the clients with detailed information of the property construction process, information of the different equipment and parts of the structure and consultation for the maintenance ensuring a life long and to the maximum enjoyable living experience of their space.

Moreover, by following this procedure we ensure our clients about the reliability and transparency of the construction process and the role of each member and subcontractor in it. Therefore, while our Quality Managemenet Programme empowers the pillars of Quality, Service, and Innovation, it clearly establishes the ethics in our business which we believe is on top of our relationships.


To be the most differentiated brand construction management firm, identified for the quality assurance, extraordinary service, smart and sophisticated design, innovative solutions and methods, and for the ability to give extra value to the asset.


To help people celebrate life by delivering consistently on the promise of building a different kind of home residency; that is designful, innovative, quality assured. By doing this we should ensure that we constantly develop ourselves, raise the bar of extraordinary service to our clients and enrich our brand.